Lina Kreisberg Event Design and Planning offers a range of event planning services from full event planning to day-of coordination customized to bring your personalities and love story flawlessly to life. There is no event too imaginative or detail too small for Lina and her almost obsessive organization skills.

Wedding Wonderland // Full Event Planning

You're probably a Pinterest inspired couple who learned early on that it would be best to leave the planning to the pros so you can keep dreaming (aka pinning) about your wedding day. You'd rather not stress over what's supposed to be the happiest day of your lives, because you're a Bridechilla. Not a Bridezilla. I completely get you.

Call me as soon as you've said "YES!" to the ring for a seamless start to finish event design and planning experience that will make you swoon and salsa dance, all at once. The Wedding Wonderland Full Event Planning is the mecca of wedding planning and design services, which includes all the orchestrated details as well as my keen eye and logistically prepared mind on the day of the event.

I'll be your right hand chica helping you book your venue and all of your wedding vendors, reviewing contracts, creating budgets, finalizing itineraries, and everything in between to ensure that your event runs smoothly. We'll work side by side to make those important decisions, like choosing between a string quartet or a lively DJ. Together, we will conceptualize your ideal event design while I coordinate and manage all the moving pieces before, during, and after your wedding day.

Lovely Looking Glass // ​Partial Event Planning

You've set the date, booked some of the major vendors for your event, but find yourself needing help finalizing the details. You need to find a way to wrap it all up into a beautifully organized, smoothly-run event, including the actual day-of coordination. This Lovely Looking Glass Partial Event Planning is customized to suit your partial planning and design needs.

We'll discuss your stylized wedding vision, your progress so far, and any planning woes in great detail so that we can create a solid pre-event strategy and clear wedding day itinerary for vendors and bridal party members. I'll finalize contracts, confirm vendors, and offer my elite referral list of any vendors you may still need for your wedding day.

Simply Alice ​// Month-Of Planning

The countdown has begun and everything is almost in its place. Yet you need a professional hand to finetune the logistical aspects of your wedding day. We'll create a wedding day itinerary and confirm the logistical expectations for each vendor in order to nail down every day-of detail. I will be THE point person for your event, from start to finish, so you can focus on what's really important - your I Do's, your first married kiss, your first dance, and all the wedding fun in between!


Day-of Coordinator

The wedding day logistics are on point and all the vendors are ready to go, but you don't want to handle all the moving pieces on your wedding day. It's YOUR day after all! You also don't want to give this responsibility over to your mom or Maid of Honor, because they deserve to enjoy themselves too! So you decide to either clone yourself or hire a point person that can practically read your mind. You most likely go with the latter. We'll discuss in great length your day-of timeline, vendor contacts, wedding day vision, worst case scenarios, backup plans, and every worry or thought in between to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Vendor Searching

I will create a short list of ideal vendors that match your budget, values, and personalities from my elite list of preferred vendors and my fast-growing network of wedding professionals. We'll determine the right fit for you through a targeted list of questions that highlight what's most important to you and your wedding vision. We will review and negotiate your vendor contracts until you understand and are satisfied with every clause and addendum.

Signature Wedding Design

You have a million and one ideas to make your wedding your own, but can't quite figure out how to cohesively bring the beauty you imagine to life. We will create a customized wedding that will bring your personalities and shared interests into every design element of your wedding day. We will conceptualize your thoughts and outline a clear design for every moment, from the ceremony to the reception.

For consultation, full pricing details or for more information about Wedding planning and event Design packages, please contact us.